If you are planning your honeymoon especially following the recent pandemic with Coronavirus, then you will initially want to be very cautious

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Taking your pet on holiday

Taking your pet on holiday How to travel with your pet.   Although there is plenty of information available on how to travel with your pet, most pets prefer to stay in the familiar surroundings of their home with a pet sitter or will cope far better booked into a local boarding kennels/cattery. Cats certainly do not like travelling and will be unable to go out and about on holiday. Taking your pet on holiday

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The World’s Most Underrated Beaches

The World’s Most Underrated Beaches When it comes to vacation destinations, most people prefer beaches. From a quiet rest under the sun and strolling in the sand to surfing or snorkelling, beaches are versatile enough to offer enough fun. Beaches are also perfect for picnics with their breathtaking sceneries and beautiful shorelines. In all, beaches are good vacation spots and there are thousands of them in the world from the popular ones in Bahamas, Hawaii

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Bad foods to avoid in your journey to Beijing

Bad foods to avoid in your journey to Beijing   Part of the fun of visiting Beijing is to enjoy a great culinary experience. It is true, that you will have the chance to sample many different foods including ones that you would not normally eat at home. Street food is a popular way to experiment because all the dishes are truly authentic and very affordable but beware, there are some really bad dishes amongst

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Miami Hotels

I’ve been picking up a lot of random books in bookstores lately. This can often be hit or miss. I can’t count the times I’ve picked up books only to go “Well, that was terrible.” However, this current stretch has produced some wonderful books and, since it’s been a while since I’ve done a best-books round-up, I think it’s time again! I spend a lot of time on buses, trains, and planes and use that

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